Finborough Theatre’s Variation on a Theme by Terence Rattigan

HPZ Productions in association with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre presents, the first production in more than 50 years anywhere of VARIATION ON A THEME, by Terence Rattigan.

Feelings can’t sometimes be helped, but the expression of them can.

The first ever production in more than fifty years of Terence Rattigan’s Variation on a Theme opens at the multi-award-winning Finborough Theatre in a four-week season from Tuesday, 25th February 2014, starring three-times Olivier Award nominated Rachael Stirling.

Inspired by La Dame aux Camelias, and set in the glamorous and exotic society of the 1950’s French Riviera, Variation on a Theme revolves around the tempestuous love affair between Rose, a beautiful and worldly socialite, and Ron, a young bisexual ballet dancer with a keen eye for social advancement.

In an emotionally charged story of desire and disillusionment, Rose is persuaded by Ron’s choreographer and mentor, Sam, to sacrifice her personal happiness for the sake of her young lover’s success and career.  But as Rose’s health deteriorates, and Ron is faced with the loveless reality of their separation, they finally face up to their need to be needed…

This will be the first production of the play anywhere in the world since its original 1958 premiere when it was directed by John Gielgud, and starred Margaret Leighton and Jeremy Brett.


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